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  • Nick - /nick TheNickNameYouWantToUse - Example: /nick GregorySabin

This command would be used if for some reason the server changes your nick, or you want to temporarily change your nick.

  • Register - /ns register password email - Example: /ns register neospenis

On IRC people have their regular nick names, if you want to keep your nick name and stop someone else accidentally using it or someone hijacking it, you need to register the nick.

If GregorySabin is the main nick you use, then this is the one you will be registering, if you do not have your IRC client set to auto identify you, you will be logged out of this nick name until you identify.

  • Identify - /ns id password - Example: /ns id neospenis

This command is basically a login for your name, this helps the server know that you are GregorySabin.

  • Group - /ns group target password - Example: /ns group GregorySabin neospenis

Sometimes IRC servers timeout or your connection pings, or for some reason you find yourself no longer connected, if you only use one nickname, this can cause problems if you rejoin again quickly, the server does not have enough time to flush out your nick and thinks you are still there, so that is when a second nick name should be used, so using the command 'Nick' you would change your nick name to /nick NeoRasputin, then use the above command /ns group GregorySabin neospenis to connect NeoRasputin to your GregorySabin account, they both now use the same password and both belong to you.

  • Ghost - /ns ghost nick password - example /ns ghost GregorySabin neospenis

Some people do not keep their details their clients or use online clients, so they need to log in each time they join the server, if they miss type and leave out the '/' whilst executing the command, it will show up as 'ns id neospenis', anyone in the channel can see your password and take your nick by typing the command above, you can also get it back by doing the same.

  • Drop - /ns drop nick - example /ns drop GregorySabin

If you no longer want to use your nick or you can no longer be bothered using IRC any more, you can use the drop command.